9 Million Wildflowers Are About To Be Planted In London

There’s a new movement about to add quite a bit of color to the London scenery. The city is already home to more than 8 million trees and 14,000 species of wildlife. But for a non-profit group called National Park City, that’s not near enough flora. In fact, the group’s newest campaign is to plant one wildflower for every citizen that lives in the city, ultimately adding an additional 9 million flowers to the city’s landscape.

As the name implies, the NFP group National Park City strives to apply the same conservation efforts employed by national parks to metropolitan areas. National Park City is partnering with Seedball, one of the U.K.’s largest seed suppliers, to help carry out the 9 million new flower plan.

The organizers are hoping to change the mindset of many Londoners by showing them just how easy it is to get growing in their own backyards and neighborhoods. Their goal is to transform London’s urban landscape into a lush city, full of wildflowers that will return year after year.

The group is using crowdfunding to buy the seedballs it intends to use throughout the city. You can make a contribution for as little as £5, which will cover the cost of 20 seedballs, or about 600 flowers. If that isn’t enough to make you feel good about your contribution, keep in mind that Seedball will match each donation and give to SeedBank For Schools, which will be distributed throughout London schools for free.

Each seedball has been carefully planned out, containing the seeds of flowers that were specifically chosen for London’s environment. They’ll pretty much grow in any available window box, pot or open patch of soil. The seeds are surrounded in clay so they’ll stay safe when they’re first planted, and they’re dusted in chili powder so pests should leave them alone until they become established.

Here’s a look at how National Park City is selling the idea:

“Is there a forlorn corner near your home? An abandoned area outside your flat? A boring border in front of your house? You could get your company to turn that dreary area outside your office into an oasis for wildlife, or you could get together with your friends and neighbors and make your street a river of flowers with multiple planted spots along a street.”