Want To Improve Your Health? Eat More Garlic.

Want To Improve Your Health? Eat More Garlic.

Few things are more appetizing than the smell of garlic sizzling in the kitchen, but this aromatic cooking ingredient does quite a bit more than just make your dishes taste delicious. As it turns out, garlic is pretty darned good for you, too. In fact, many countries have been using garlic to treat a wide range of ailments for centuries. From heart disease to arthritis, garlic can improve your overall health in a number of ways. Here’s a closer look at a few of them.

As mentioned above, there is evidence that supports the idea that eating garlic can improve your heart health. It can lower cholesterol and help maintain healthy blood pressure. If you don’t have the chance to cook with garlic all the time and you can’t stomach the idea of eating raw cloves, you can always add garlic supplements to your daily routine.

Garlic has also been shown to fight the common cold. Garlic is full of antioxidants, which will help fight off nasty cold germs. But there’s one particular ingredient in garlic that has the most impact when it comes to fighting colds. Garlic contains something called allicin. People who regularly supplement their diets with allicin have been shown to get 46% fewer colds than those who down/

If you’re already in pretty good health, eating garlic regularly can help you stay that way. Garlic has some pretty amazing immunity boosting potential. It’s also a major weapon in the fight against cancer, as garlic has been shown to actually kill cancer cells. It’s especially good for combating colon cancer.

Want To Improve Your Health? Eat More Garlic.

People with Type 2 diabetes have seen some substantial reductions in blood glucose levels by including garlic as part of their daily diet.

The antioxidants found in garlic can also improve your hair and skin health. In fact, the allicin we mentioned above may actually help prevent hair loss and boost the health of the scalp. Some people have gone so far as to rub raw garlic on skin blemishes as a way of reducing acne.

Finally, it turns out that while most of us love the taste of garlic, mosquitos don’t. So, if you eat a lot of garlic, you’ll find that mosquitos won’t bother you nearly as much as your friends who don’t eat as much.