Old Fashioned Habits That Might Just Be Worth Hanging On To

In the age of modern technology, touch-screens and voice activation have essentially invaded all of our habits. But that need not be the case. Some practices are worth maintaining even this far into the 21st century. Though new developments have, in some respects, enhanced the joys of life, many of the small pleasures that we used to enjoy have been thwarted as a result. It takes a particular type of person to go against the wave of automation, but anyone can hang on to what’s worth fighting for. 

1-Paper Books

Paper books are still a very valid way of consuming literature, provided that you buy them used or partake in book trades. The books themselves tell stories of hands that touched them, of emotions felt by previous readers, and of the coffee that was drunk whilst reading it. E-readers are great in that they take up less space, but are ultimately less sustainable because they do not decompose nearly as quickly as do paper books once enough hands have got to them. People who read from these devices also do not have the same experience with the book as do those who do so from a paper copy. This has been shown time and time again in the most vocal of book clubs.

2-Encourage Kids to Play Outside

Old Fashioned Habits That Might Just Be Worth Hanging On To

Yeah yeah, child-led learning is a crucial aspect of education today. Children must be excited about what they are doing, otherwise, they will take much longer to absorb the information. But at the same time, today’s children spend most of their time indoors surrounded by screens and do not experience the outside world in a way that is healthiest. Instead, make friends with the neighbors and encourage the kids to enjoy their after-school snacks on the porch or to have a Nerf toy fight. Any way that they can be outside is a good one because it helps boost their immune systems and sneaks in some much-needed exercise.

3-Mandatory Family Dinners

Old Fashioned Habits That Might Just Be Worth Hanging On To

There are few things more important than family, and a big part of keeping the family together is around a nice big meal. This should be a priority in your home because it will help you develop a stronger relationship with your children and partner. Make it an even better experience by getting the kids involved in the kitchen. It will likely be a mess after, but you will be giving them the life skills they need to move on to-gasp!-college. Eating together is also a way for the kids to bond with each other. If they are not in the same age bracket, there is a chance that they do not spend much time together, so this is one of the few opportunities to build on their dynamic. 

4-Buying Online

Buying things online is usually the more economical method of purchasing, but that’s pretty much as far as the advantages go. Buying clothing online is a big no-no. It’s impossible to get an idea of the fit based on pictures, and you won’t know if that cute sweater is itchy as all heck. Grocery shopping online is also problematic because you can’t pick out the best produce for your family dinners. It seems nonsensical to work so hard to cook for your household but have only bruised zucchini to work with. Shopping in person can sometimes mean delaying a purchase until you get around to going to the store, but the urge to buy will have often passed by then, which will in turn save you money.