Musicians Saving The World One Song At A Time

“The earth has music for those who listen.” -William Shakespeare

Many people unfortunately ignore the planet’s music. However, we are fortunate enough those that are listening are the ones who may best relay that music to the world. Here are 5 musicians who are using the power of song to help bring awareness and support to environmental causes.


Adele dates the Drop4Drop and Life Water CEO, Simon Konecki. Drop4Drop is a British charity with a mission to alleviate the world’s water crisis by finding communities in need then funding sustainable, local clean water solutions in the area. Adele gave a “Hello” to the charity on her twitter and the charity soon received 10,000 more followers.



Pharrell is certainly making the planet “Happy” with his efforts. In 2009, Pharrell became the Creative Director of Bionic Yarn. Bionic Yarn takes old, used plastic and turns it into yarn to make clothing. Companies like Gap and TopShop use Bionic Yarn in their clothing.


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is one of the original musical artists that began using his music as a platform to environmental change. He founded a company that sells his creation of alternative fuel made largely from soybeans., BioWillie. He also helped found Farm Aid – the concert series that helps raise awareness and funds for American family farmers.


Jason Mraz

In 2011, Jason Mraz created the Jason Mraz Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to “invoke & inspire change in the human experience…The foundation seeks to meet its mission through advancing equality, promoting the arts, empowering through education and preserving the environment.” Mraz is also known to offer great tips to help the environment, on his social media accounts.


Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam was definitely also a pioneer music group when finding inventive ways to help the environment. In 2006, the band donated $100,000 to different organizations working on climate change and renewable energy source. That same year, they donated $5,000 to help fund the preservation of a Madagascan rainforest. Finally, they teamed up with UPS and created a more eco-friendly way to ship merchandise to fans, including a recyclable tape-free box and a carbon neutral shipping insignia.