How To Create An Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Your escape, your oasis, your sanctuary, your bedroom. Your bedroom is your personal retreat where everything revolves around you and your personal tastes. The bedding, the decor, and the color all fit your favorite esthetic. Therefore, you would not want to sacrifice any comfort or details. Here are some tips to give your bedroom an eco-friendly upgrade without giving up any of the luxuries you deserve.

“Green” Your Walls

Fresh indoor air should be a top priority for your bedroom. Therefore, choosing an eco-friendly paint should be a no brainer. Many paints contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic chemicals. Many paints may also contain toxic fungicides in order to prevent mildew growth. All of these chemicals get released into the air and can be harmful for both you and the environment. When choosing a paint, choose a brand that has low VOCs, low biocides, and natural pigments. Your best options are milk paint, which is made from a milk protein (called “casein”) and lime, or natural paint, which is made from natural materials such as citrus or balsam.


Sleep Soundly With An Eco-friendly Bed

There are lots of ways you can make your bed more eco-friendly. The most important part of your bed is the mattresses. Studies have shown that the average mattress contains a mixture of toxic chemicals and flame retardants that can lead to long term diseases. Luckily, whether you like it firm or soft, there are many sustainable mattress options for you. Many companies feature mattresses made of natural latex and organic cotton. Some companies notable for the eco-friendly mattresses are Keetsa, Naturepedic and Avocado Green Mattress. Next, switch up your comforters, sheets, and even pillows. There is an endless selection of eco-friendly sheets and blankets. Many companies offers products that are stylish as well as all-natural and organic.


Add Plants

Plants are a great way to “greenify” your room. Not only will they add color and flair but also bring your room fresher, cleaner air. Aside from their design appeal, many plants are known for relieving stress and helping you sleep. Some soothing plants are lavender, aloe and snake plant.

Greeningz - Lavender

There are lots of ways to give your bedroom an eco-friendly facelift. If you are looking to make your whole home eco-friendly, click here for some green interior design tips.