Health And Diet Trends You Should Expect In 2018

It is the season for resolutions and promises for the year ahead. Two of the most popular “resolution” categories are diet and fitness, and you can be sure that 2018 will be an interesting year. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect in the coming year in the areas of health and diet.

First off, you should expect to see the topic of vitamin supplements become very mainstream again. There’s a big movement right now for “clean eating,” and part of that movement will likely involve a lot of folks getting on a regimen of dietary supplements.

We’ll also see a lot more news, research and health findings related to the brain. With diseases like Alzheimer’s and depression at the forefront of the medical research community, you can expect to see all sorts of material highlighting brain health, such as therapy trends, drugs, diet and various other wellness programs.

We can also expect to see a focus on the idea of living longer, healthier lives. You’ll likely see the phrase “anti-aging” quite a bit, and it won’t just be referring to skin creams and other beauty products. Health practices, technology, and overall mindset will all change in the coming year when it comes to the subject of old age.

Stress is certainly nothing new, and stress levels in 2018 aren’t likely to change. What we will see is an emphasis on breathing practices as a stress manager. It’s likely that quite a few books and additional articles will pop up on the subject of breath work, and don’t be surprised if you see some major health authorities endorse studies and developments on the topic.

Gone are the days of diet programs that are supposed to work for everybody. In 2018, programs will become far more flexible and adapt to the individual and their specific dietary needs. That’s really good news because it means you’ll have a much easier time shopping at the grocery store or eating out at restaurants.

Finally, expect to see a focus on immunity. More specifically, look for a focus on natural immunity, in the form of healthy foods like mushrooms and a variety of other holistic ingredients. That’s a refreshing thought, as it means you’ll have fewer pill bottles on your counter and more healthy food in your fridge.