Environmentalism Takes Center Stage On Broadway

Broadway theater refers to the 41 theaters that line the street of Broadway in New York City. From dramas to musicals, Broadway actors gives amazing performances to sold out houses each night. However, the production of one show alone can cause a pretty large carbon footprint, from all the printed marketing materials to all the lights. However, the cast and crew behind broadway productions have banded together in one organization in order to help Broadway become a little more green.


The Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) was founded in 2008. The organization was created as “an industry-wide initiative that educates, motivates, and inspires the entire theatre community and its patrons to implement environmentally friendlier practices.” Members of the BGA include professionals all throughout the Broadway community such as actors, directors, set designers, sound technicians and more.


The BGA reaches out to every single production currently on Broadway to have a liaison between the organization and shows. This person is called a Green Captain. Each captain is elected by the cast and crew. Once chosen, the captain is given a kit with ideas on how a production can become greener. According to the BGA website, the kit also ” lists items the BGA collects (from corks to textiles to printer cartridges), allows Green Captains to find out details about the recycling programs at their theatres, and helps them swap ideas and get helpful hints from those serving on other productions.”

One of their biggest initiatives is the Binder Program. The program is designed for people of the theatre community to donate their binders for repurposing or to pick up new binders for a different project. Actors use their binders to keep things together such as scripts and scores.

The organization also holds electronic-waste and textile recycling events 4 times year. Therefore, professionals within the Broadway community as well as theater fans can take part in greening the Broadway community.


If you would like more information on the organization or any of the initiative which they run, please visit the Broadway Green Alliance’s website: http://www.broadwaygreen.com/ .