Environment & Kid-Friendly Crafts

April sometimes brings lots of rain. Although it’s good for the environment, it may sometimes put a damper on your plans, especially if you have children. Kids may be bored (and drive you crazy) if they are stuck inside all day. Therefore, here are some eco-friendly crafts ideas you and your child will love to do together, on a rainy day.

Memory Jars

Greeningz - Memory Jar

Memory Jars are a great way to use that empty jar from the grape jelly. First, clean out the jar. Then, decide on a day or event you and your child would like to commemorate. Did they recently you recently go on a family trip? Great! Add little souvenirs from your trip in the jar, such as pictures, tickets, and other little knick knacks. Another great part of this craft is the jar is easily transported, so your child can take the jar with him or her to school to show all his or her friends.

Rock-Painting Party

Greeningz - Rock Painting

Before the rain rolls in, grab a few rocks from outside. Also, make sure you have some paint brushes and paint on hand. If you do, then you are ready to go. Rocks are a unique medium for painting and your kids will definitely love the idea. After rinsing off the rocks, let your little Van Goghs show off their artistic skills. The rocks will make for great paper weights you can take to work!

Plastic Piggy-Banks

Greeningz - Bottle Piggy Banks

Old plastic bottles can be turned into amazing piggy banks. Use a knife to make a tiny slit in the top of the bottle, as a coin slot. Then, come up with a design for the bank. Construction paper or extra buttons are a great way to decorate your bank. It’s a perfect way to teach your children about recycling and saving money at the same time!

Transform A Cardboard Box

Greeningz - cardboard-box-craft-ideas

The next time you make an online shopping purchase, make sure to save the box. Children have wild imaginations and a cardboard box is the perfect way to ignite that inner creativity. Cardboard boxes can be transformed into puppet theaters, costumes, vehicles and much, much more!