Lakes That Are Vanishing

Due to many different reasons, such as human interference and global warming, prominent lakes around the world are slowly vanishing. These are just a few of the lakes that are shrinking as every year passes.

Dead Sea

greeningz - dead sea

The Dead Sea is a salt lake and the lowest point on Earth. It is surrounded by Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. It has a high level of salinity making it a very hard environment for ecosystems to flourish. However, it is flocked to by tourists every year. People are amazed by how one can just float without any effort as well as the healing properties it has for ones skin. Unfortunately, the Dead Sea is shrinking by approximately 1 meter every year. The main reason behind the shrinkage is the diversion of water sources the sea once relied on.

Aral Sea

greeningz - aral sea

The Aral Sea used to be one of the largest lakes in the world with an area of 68,000-square-kilometers (26,300 sq mi). Sadly, the river has been sinking steadily since the 1960s as the Soviets diverted many of the rivers feeding it. The eastern basin of the lake is already completely dried up and is now called the Aralkum Desert. Countries like Kazakstan have tried several initiatives in order to stop the shrinking. The slow disappearance has even been called “one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters”. UNESCO has added it to their ‘Memory of the World Register’ so others are able to learn and study from this “environmental tragedy.”

Poyang Lake

greeningz - poyang lake

Poyang Lake was once China’s largest freshwater lake. It was estimated the lake was once three times the size of London. Due to the Three Gorges Dam upriver on the Yangtze river, Poyang Lake can shrink and dry up for portions of the year. However, due to an additional recent drought, the lake has almost been completely dried up. Poyang Lake used to be a home to millions of migratory birds. However, due to the drastic drop in area the birds have either not returned or have died.