First Look At Leonardo DiCaprio’s Luxury Eco-resort

In recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio has become a prominent environmental activist. He is now taking his activism from the screen to the hospitality industry. Set to open in 2018, DiCaprio is helping design the new eco-friendly resort Blackadore Caye, A Restorative Island. DiCaprio purchased the island (Blackadore Caye) 10 years ago for $1.75 million.

Greeningz - Leo Eco Resort 1

Even though the island has been mainly deserted, it still suffers from overfishing, eroding coastline and deforestation. Therefore, DiCaprio hired a team of scientists to reverse the problems. The team will plant 20,000 new red mangrove tress around the shore line. Native species will also be brought back onto the island. However, half of the land will be untouched and used as a wildlife preserve.

On the preserve, scientists will be allowed to conduct ecological studies. Guests will also be allowed to volunteer on restoration projects if they would like.

Greeningz - Leo Eco Resort 2

Blackadore Caye will be the first luxury resort to follow the Living Building Challenge standards. The Living Building Challenge standards are considered the most meticulous sustainability certification for buildings.

The resort will have 36 resort bungalows and 36 estate homes. All resort accommodations will be powered by renewable energy from solar panels. Rainwater will also be collected and filtered.

The food served at the resort will be organic and locally sourced, some even grown on site. A list of items will also not be allowed on the island. All recreational vehicles must use clean energy and people are not allowed to bring non-reusable plastic water bottles.

Greeningz - Leo Eco Resort 3

The island is a 45-minute boat tide from the airport in Belize City, and a 15-minute boat ride from San Pedro. Although exact pricing has yet to be released, the New York Times estimates that estate home prices will range from $5-$15 million.

DiCaprio said “The main focus is to do something that will change the world.”