Spain The Latest Country To Commit To 100% Renewable Energy

2018 was a year where many countries and other governments made a lot of headway in terms of commitments to reduce their respective carbon footprints. Many governments have banned the use of single-use plastics, Southeast Asia put some serious limits on the importing of plastic waste, and other entities have committed to some major renewable energy solutions. The latest country to join the movement is Spain, who recently announced their commitment to become 100% dependent on renewable resources by 2050.

To accomplish the feat, Spain is planning to install a ton of solar and wind power devices over the next decade. By 2030, the country hopes to have at least 30,000MW worth of alternative power sources installed and running.

They also plan to put a ban on licenses issues for fossil fuel drilling, fracking wells, and exploiting hydrocarbon. Plus, they’re also dedicating 20% of the entire national budget to reducing climate change. That number is expected to go up after 2025.

The government had plans in place to shut down Spanish coalmines. That is obviously going to have some financial impacts on a number of citizens but they have a plan in place for that, too.  £220m has been allotted to offer early retirement packages to miners, as well as to retrain workers in the field of clean energy and environmental protection.

There are some shorter-term goals in place, too. By 2030, any government or public works operation will only be allowed to lease commercial properties that have a zero-energy consumption rating. Additional funding from energy taxes will also go into effect by 2030 which will speed up the process of converting to green energy over the following 20 years. There’s also a plan in place to ban the sale of new cars that run on gas or diesel in 2040.

The CEO of the European Climate Foundation, Laurence Tubiana, had the following to say about the announcement: “By planning on going carbon neutral, Spain shows that the battle against climate change is deadly serious, that they are ready to step up and plan to reap the rewards of decarbonization.”