Small Animals With Super Powers

Humans have nothing on these little animals. Although they may be tiny in size, their capabilities are huge. Don’t underestimate these small animals with super powers.

Hairy Frogs Have Retractable Claws


The Hairy Frog, or more perfectly called the Wolverine Frog, has powers like Marvel’s Wolverine. The frog will intentionally break the bones of its toes, and project them through its skin. The retractable claws are used for obviously protective reasons. The Hairy Frog lives primarily in subtropical or tropical moist lowland and is found mainly in parts of Africa.

Chitons Have Magnetic Teeth


Chitons have roamed the Earth for 400 million years. They have one muscular foot, a shell made of 8 plates, and metallic teeth. Their teeth are made out of magnetite, the strongest material made by a living organism. Lyle Gordon, a bioengineer at Northwestern University, says these “millions-of-years-old animals have been able to make iron oxide in benign ocean water conditions with only the iron available from the algae they eat. It’s an amazing process.”

Mantis Shrimp Can Punch At 80kph


Mantis Shrimp, on average, grow to 3.9 inches in length. Throughout time, they have been given various nicknames such as prawn killer, sea locusts, and thumb splitters. Certainly, the last one, thumb splitters is the most ominous. They were given this name due to its ability to inflict painful gashes if one if handled carelessly. Its claws are designed for close combat, and are therefore, very well equipped. In order to strike, they outstretch their armlike appendages and swing at 80 kilometers per hour. That’s faster than a .22-caliber bullet.

A Jellyfish That Is Immortal

6358911838660928941364088016_immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsis dohrnii, or better known as the Immortal Jellyfish, has the most fascinating trait. It has the ability to reverse its life cycle. Once it reaches a certain point, the jelly fish has the ability to reverse its age until the earliest stages of development. Some researchers believe the reversal is brought on by environmental stress, physical assault or internal problems.