This Norwegian Cruise Line Will Soon Be Using Dead Fish To Power Its Ships

These days, more and more companies are trying to find new and creative ways to “go green.”  It’s a great trend to be following!  Hotels and cruise ships have been on the bandwagon for quite some time now. Creating environmentally vacations is a pretty important part of the travel industry right now. Hurtigruten, a Norwegian cruise line, is the latest company to make some serious efforts on the green front. In fact, its ships will soon be using dead fish to generate power!

At first glance, that statement might imply that the cruise ship is simply “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”  However, there’s no concern—they aren’t mass killing fish or anything. The dead fish will actually come from Norway’s booming fishing industry. The cruise ships will obtain fish that are leftovers from the fishing industry, not only creating an alternative energy source but also cutting down on the shipping waste from the fishing companies.

The big question, though, is how the process will actually be accomplished. Basically, any organic matter can be broken down to form a fuel called biogas. Essentially, it’s a cocktail of carbon dioxide and methane. The good news is that it’s a clean form of fuel, the bad news is that, well…it stinks. There’s the issue of dead fish, which don’t smell great in the first place, but the fuel itself can produce hydrogen sulphide, which gives biogas its distinct rotten egg smell.

However, the cruise ships have a plan for that, too. The resources that make up biogas can be purified into a liquid form, which should reduce the smell.

Hurtigruten will be the first cruise line to operate ships using fuels that don’t rely a single bit on fossil fuels. The biogas is certainly cleaner than burning petroleum, but it’s not 100% green. It still produces carbon dioxide when burned. It’s a great first step, but it’s still not a perfect energy source.

In addition to the biogas fuel, the company is also removing all single-use plastics from its ships.