New Startup Grocery Store In Brooklyn Offers Zero-Waste Grocery Delivery

These days, we should all be looking for ways to go greener. That just doesn’t apply to our personal habits but who we choose to give our business to as well. One area we collectively don’t give much thought to is food and grocery delivery services. Now, if you live in Brooklyn, there’s a fantastic grocery store right around the corner that can deliver your groceries without inducing an ounce of guilt. “The Wally Shop” is a new grocer that prides itself in delivering your groceries in reusable containers and getting around from location to location on a bike instead of a car or scooter.

What makes those packages reusable?  That answer is part of a really great business plan that keeps customers coming back. The Wally Shop’s clients simply hold onto the delivery packaging until they put in another order, and the next delivery guy will pick up the old stuff when he leaves.

It’s a great move for the company. They’ve found a way to create a scalable solution that puts a serious dent in their waste generation. The Wally Shop’s founder, Tamara Lim, used to work for Amazon. It was there that she learned just how serious packaging waste is, and also how to keep it at a minimum.

Many people might feel that recycling is still a good alternative to finding “green” businesses. However, recycling still has a lot of flaws and it’s getting harder and harder to do it now that countries who normally would take the world’s plastic waste are starting to crack down (namely China).

The Wally Shop uses some really creative packaging solutions for its delivery services. When you buy bulk products like pasta, coffee, and spices, your groceries will be delivered in a reusable mason jar that you can hold onto until you run out and order another batch. If you order fruits and vegetables, they’ll come delivered in an environmentally friendly cotton mesh bag. You pay a deposit up front for the packaging items and when you return them you can get that deposit back. In the meantime, you just hang on to them until you place another order.

When the packaging is returned or picked up by the delivery folks, the containers are taken back to The Wally Shop’s warehouse to be cleaned and prepped for use again.

The Wally Shop is still in its “Startup Phase,” but it’s showing some serious promise.