The Future Of Conservation: 5 New Projects Led By Young Conservation Leaders

Like most other industries, the future of the world’s efforts lies with the young people who are up and coming in the field. With that in mind, two conservation programs called Birdlife Young Conservation leaders and the Conservation Leadership Programme conducted competitions amongst young conservation leaders and awarded grants to the winners. Here’s a look at a few of the winning projects.

Responsible Use Of Fire In Fiji

Controlled fires are frequently used as a land management tool when closely regulated. However, when the fires are not appropriately regulated they can be devastating to an ecosystem. The Young Conservation Leaders in Fiji will work closely with local villagers to educate them on the responsible use of fire as a land management tool.

Fighting Invasive Plants On Rapa Iti

Rapa Iti, an island in French Polynesia, will be home to another YCL team which will work to eliminate invasive plants in two forest areas.

Protecting Panda Habitat In China

Livestock grazing has a surprisingly negative impact on the habitat of the Giant panda. The team that received the research grant will conduct research in three different nature reserves to determine what measures should be put in place to minimize the effects of cattle grazing on panda habitats.

Protecting Bohai Bay

The above-mentioned nature reserves aren’t the only locations in China to be conducting conservation business. Bohai Bay is a seasonal home to many migrating birds, but the area doesn’t currently have any portions that are protected. The grant will help conservationists lobby toward the protection of these areas.

Protecting The Horseshoe Crab

The blood of the Horseshoe Crab is a pale blue, and it’s harvested in India for use in the biomedical field. As a result, the crabs are worth quite a bit. This, combined with a reduction in its natural habitat, has threatened the crab. The grant will help advocates protect the crab’s habitat along Odisha’s coast.

It’s important to remember that all of these conservation efforts are being led by young minds in the field, further proving that supporting the efforts of young leaders in any industry is an endeavor well worth the effort.