The Most Bike-Friendly Cities

Copenhagenize Design Company is a design consultancy company that specializes in matter relating to bicycle as a transport. Since 2011, Copenhagenize Design company has released a bi-annual index of the world’s most bike friendly cities. There are 14 parameters the company analyzes when ranking a city: advocacy, bicycle culture, bicycle facilities, bicycle infrastructure, bike share programs, gender split, modal share For bicycles, modal share increase since 2006, perception of safety, politics, social acceptance, urban planning, traffic calming, and cargo bikes and logistics. As you would imagine, as the bike usage is so high in many of these cities, the carbon emissions are low. Here is the top 20 most bike-friendly cities on the 2017 index.

The Most Bike-Friendly Cities

20. Montreal, Quebec

19. Oslo, Norway

18. Helsinki, Finalnd

17. Hamburg, Germany

16. Nantes, France

15. Munich, Germany

14. Seville, Spain

13. Paris, France

12. Vienna, Austria

11. Barcelona, Spain

The Most Bike-Friendly Cities

10. Berlin, Germany

9. Tokyo, Japan

8. Ljubljana, Slovenia

7. Antwerp, Belguim

6. Bordeaux, France

5. Malmo, Sweden
Recent, developments in Malmo have put this Swedish city into the top five of the index. Copenhagenize reports they wre excited to see ” Cykelhuset – The Bicycle House – a development designed to allow residents to live car-free and to accommodate bicycles and cargo bikes throughout the entire building.”

4. Strasbourg, France
Starsbourg was the first city in France to reach a 16% modal share for bicycle commuting. The city’s “Velhop” bike sharing system is leading to a massive increase of inner-city biking. The city is also planning a “network of ‘bicycle superhighways’ with three ring routes and several radial routes to suburbs and neighboring towns.”

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
According to the index, Amsterdam had the highest baseline score. However, it scored low when looking at the city’s plan for moving forward. Although the city has plans to update urban planning, they are still just plans and no construction has yet begun.

2. Utrecht, Netherlands
Utrech, according to Copenhagenize, “making some serious investment in bicycle urbanism. The uniquely designed Dafne Schippersbrug bridge is a fine example. The city’s ongoing plans to build 33,000 parking spots for bikes at the Central Station by 2020 is another. The current 12,000 spots wasn’t enough, apparently.” Utrecht also has the longest bicycle street in the world, at 6 kilometers long.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
Over the past 10 years, Copenhagen has invested over 130 million euros in bicycle infrastructure and facilities. These investments include 16 bridges for just bicycles. The index also reports “62% of the citizens ride a bike daily to work or education in the city – only 9% drive cars.”

The Most Bike-Friendly Cities

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